What is Fengshui?

Fengshui, a treasure of Chinese Civilisation, is a study of the Information given by Space and Time. The location of your house and the direction your house facing can have significant impact on your family. Your fortune and Health can change dramatically according to the changes in your surroundings. We gather the information that comes with your house, say when and where it is built, the direction of its front door and the location of the master bedroom. We are able to calculate and tell the fortune of you and your family.

What bad fengshui can do? 

We believe that getting devoice, unemployed, long term diseases, cancer are syndrome of bad fengshui house. If unfortunately you are facing these problems, you better consult us.

What good fengshui can do? 

Away from deadly disease and accident. Low chance of unemployment. Good chance of promotion. Increase in revenue. Give birth to a child. Maintain good family relationship.

What may consultant ask me to do? 

We use to ask people to place a fish tank, some large stones, some metal, placing of new doors, changing of stove etc. We will not ask you to buy anything from us, burn something strange or worship any gods.

What if I have further question after receiving the report? 

We may following your case for one year free of charge. Just mail us your questions, and attach our report so that we know which case.

Do fengshui apply to the whole world? 

No, fengshui only apply to the Northern Hemisphere, including US, Canada and Europe.

When will fengshui settings take effect? 

In most cases, fengshui settings will have significant effect in 3 months time. In some cases, we will let our customers know that their house lacks room for improvement and recommend them to move.

Do we need to have fengshui consultancy every year? 

Our fengshui advice will be applicable till 2024. There will be some alterations every year, but it doesn't affect the whole picture.

Do all Chinese practise fengshui ? 

No, fengshui used to be restricted to the Royal Family only. However considerable number of people, companies including listed companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan have consulted fengshui masters constantly nowadays .


Our Email:


Our Phone Number:

(852) 9699 0688


Tammy Kwong,

Bachelor of Arts, University of Hong Kong, Double Major in Geography and Japanese Studies.

Leo Cheng,

Bachelor of Arts, University of Hong Kong, Double Major in Philosophy and Geography.


Strong academic background

Strong in logical thinking and problem solving

Handled over 600 cases in Hong Kong, GuangZhou, Shanghai, Thailand and Japan

Able to have precise raw data of your house / apartment with help of modern technology

Strong in Fortune Telling. (In 2007, we foretold the Financial Tsunami 2008 in our blog).

No offence to any religion

Proficiency in English and Japanese

Our Service

Fengshui Consultancy and Preparation of Fengshui Report

Our Charge:

HKD8per sq.ft.


1. Mail us the followings:

Your full address

Floor plan of your house / apartment

Your date, time and place of Birth

Google satellite map indicating your house is much appreciate.

2. We may mail you for further clarification.

3. We may mail you the Fengshui report in PDF file within one week as well as a Paypal email requesting for payment. (For oversea customers)

4. Kindly make your payment following the procedure of the Paypal debit note and follow our instructions in the fengshui report. (For oversea customers)